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Happy 208th Birthday Edward Lear!

Happy 208th Birthday Edward Lear!

Here is the Bicentenary birthday Google Doodle again from 2012

lear12-hp google doodle

and for your birthday this year we give you the fabulous Michael Rosens’s 2007 Owl and Pussycat poem from the Guardian.

Michael Rosen

Happy Birthday Mr Lear (and get well soon Mr. Rosen!)

Lockdown Lear Limericks anyone? 

Lots of Home Learning ideas for introducing more nonsense and Lear-ning  into your home schooling:



Warning – do not attempt any sea journeys in a sieve!

Why not? There’s a Physics or Science lesson idea hidden in there somewhere, how to waterproof a sieve.

Blog posted by Mark Norris, May 12th, 2020